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There are not many ink and pen lovers that can resist a free ink and if tha's you then you may well like our September offer - all our TWSBI 1791 inks (worth £6.45) are FREE when you buy any TWSBI Swipe.

We love the Swipe  - it's a smart, robust and reliable everyday-carry pen, complete with cartridges and converter. It also has the same reliable nibs used in the more expensive TWSBI Eco.

When you're in the business of selling inks, you need to be creating swatches and  listing new inks on a regular basis. For that, you need a pen that can be cleaned quickly and a new ink loaded in short order. Well, we have two pens that compete for the number one 'Quick Draw' prize and both come form TWSBI - the Go and the Swipe. At the moment I'd say the Swipe is the easiest and fastest but it may take a full-on competition to find the truth.TWSBI Swipe Fountain Pen - Prussian Blue and Smoke

TWSBI Swipe Fountain Pen - Prussian Blue and Smoke


The 1791 inks are inspired by the colours in the  classic Chinese novel 'Dreams of the Red Chamber' written in 1791. They all come in 18ml bottles, which is a great size if you don't want to be over-phased by vast quantities of ink you may never use. They are standard inks with no glitter or sheen and specially formulated for TWSBI pens.

TWSBI 1791 Crimson - 18ml Bottled Ink

TWSBI 1791 Crimson

TWSBI 1791 Forest Green - 18ml Bottled Ink

TWSBI 1791 Forest Green

TWSBI 1791 Grape - 18ml Bottled Ink

TWSBI 1791 Grape

TWSBI 1791 Navy - 18ml Bottled Ink

TWSBI 1791 Navy

TWSBI 1791 Orange Ink - 18ml Bottled

TWSBI 1791 Orange

TWSBI 1791 Tangerine - 18ml Bottled Ink

TWSBI 1791 Tangerine

We've decided to try to create a few more offers for our customers each month, so have another look soon to see our next offering. There may also be a few special offers for special occasions or seasons - such as International Hobbit Day on the 22nd September or our Autumn Collections coming soon.

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