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Our Winter Sale continues with 10% discount on all Diamine inks. This is on top of the LAMY sale with 20% off all products and 15% off all our Kiwi inks.


We love nothing more than searching out inks from around the globe but Diamine produces some amazing inks right here in the UK and you can find out more about the company by following this link:

About Diamine Inks

We have selections from three ranges from Diamine - the Inkvent Blue Edition inks, the Shimmertastics and the standard inks.

Inkvent Blue Edition Inks

The Inkvent Blue Edition have winter classics such as Jack Frost, Snowstorm and Polar Glow. They come in very unique 50ml bottles with their distinctive glass legs. We have a selection of sheening inks, shimmer inks and those that both shimmer and sheen.

Shimmertastic Inks

The Shimmertastic range of shimmer inks come in gold or silver shimmer with a large range of colours. Diamine produce quality inks and these are no exception. Some of our favourites would include Arctic Blue and Sparkling Shadows - again a great colour for winter. If you feel like brightening-up those dark winter nights then how about Neon Lime or Razzmatazz.

Standard Inks

Diamine's standard inks also include some great customer favourites like Dragon's Blood, Ancient Copper and Bilberry with its surprising sheen. Ancient Copper was the first ink I purchased that wasn't black or blue and as such holds a very special place of honour in our collection!

As these quality inks are made in the UK, they don't have the sort of shipping and duty costs associated with inks from further afield, and as such they also have a great prices especially if you feel like going for a haul of colours and ink types to see you through the cold months!

KIWI INKS - A Witch's Potion

We now have available Witch's Potion from Kiwi inks. It is a dark lilac ink with a 'wicked' green sheen. Green sheens are relatively few and far between and this one is  rich and metallic. The ink has a lot going on, with variation in the lilac from light to dark and where the ink pools, it dries to form the green sheen. If it is diluted with water, pinks and light purple shades leek from the deeper lilac. This makes for a really interesting writing and drawing experience as you have to wait for your words to dry to see them in all their 'magical' glory! As these are hand-made to order, we only have a few bottles left.


We realise that here at Izumi we seem to stock quite a lot of shimmer inks. We love all sorts of ink but we do have a soft spot for a bit of glitter.

However, we do sometimes get asked if shimmer inks require extra pen cleaning. To answer that I think we need to consider what shimmer is and how it can be different  in different inks.

Shimmer Particles

Shimmer inks have small particles suspended in the liquid. These are quite often gold or silver as with the Diamine Shimmertastic range. However, they could be blue, bronze, copper or Rose Gold as with our De Atramentis ranges. We've also noticed the amount and size of the particles can be different depending on the type of ink and the manufacture.

Before Writing

As anyone who has used shimmer inks will know, the particles will settle at the bottom of the bottle when left to stand. This will also happen inside a pen if it is left lying or standing for any length of time. Before using the pen, it is best to roll the pen gently in the palms or to rock it back and forth to get the particles of shimmer to mix with the ink. This will help to ensure the shimmer distributes more evenly within your writing.


However, the particles can sometimes on the nib and if left to dry, will stop the ink flowing. Most of the time wiping the nib will get you started again but eventually, as when you want to change your ink,  a good cleaning routine will be needed.

Best Pens

We've found the best pens for using shimmer inks are those that can be disassembled easily. The TWSBI Go and TWSBI Eco are ideal for this as the nib and the feed can both be taken out of the pen and cleaned of ink and particles. The TWSBI Go is probably one of the quickest and easiest pens to clean and refill that we have ever seen.


If you have a more pen that you cannot clean really well, then perhaps look to other more standard inks or perhaps get your inky kicks from some of the interesting 'multi-shaders' such as Kiwi's Rainbow in a Bottle or Lavender.


Stay Safe.




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