TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen- Transparent Green

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Beware - The TSWBI Eco Transparent range can be a serious distraction. You may spend more time looking at it rather than working. The Eco Transparent Green is no exception to this. It is a fabulous pen that gives you a crystal clear barrel and a beautiful translucent green cap. The piston-action filing mechanism is built with TWSBI’s usual precision and quality. Here at Izumi our TWSBI pens are used on a daily basis and are extremely reliable. The clear barrel really show-cases your ink choice and allows you to keep an eye on your ink levels. The Eco has a single-turn screw cap, is quick and easy to use and has a strong chromed clip. For the more technically minded there is a tool and silicon grease. There are also clear instructions for full disassembly although even we haven’t needed to do this yet and it would only be needed for longer term cleaning and care. Proceed with care. The closest ink colour to this pen is TWSBI Emerald Green but the Prairie Green looks pretty great sloshing inside too.

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