Kiwi Inks TreColori - Red Ultramarine Gold - 30ml Bottled Ink

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Red Ultramarine Gold is a bright ultramarine blue ink with a heavy red/purple sheen adorned with a beautiful ultra-fine golden shimmer. It is a small-batch custom TreColori ink made for Izumi. We do hope you love this as much as we do!

These inks are handmade in very small quantities in California. Each label has been lovingly swabbed with a sample of the ink to show the colour inside.

Your ink will arrive in a a 30ml Glass bottle inside a hand-stamped box.

Due to the sparkle in this ink, you may experience restricted ink flow in some pens. Shake the ink thoroughly before filling and gently roll the pen in your hands regularly to prevent clogging. This will also help keep the shimmer effect consistent in your writing. You will also want to clean your pen carefully after use. Shimmer inks tend to work better with broader nibs on high quality paper.


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