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The Sailor Manyo range of inks are inspired by the Manyoshu, the "Collection of a Myriad of Leaves" - an ancient anthology of Japanese poetry of huge importance to Japanese culture that is held in very high esteem and thought of with great affection in Japan.

They include:

Akebi (Magenta)

Haha (Turquoise - multi-shading)

Kakitsubata (Purple/Blue)

Kikyou (Teal)

Nadeshiko (Light Blue - multi-shading)

Sakura (Pink)

Ukikusa (Green)

Ume (Red/Copper)

Yamabuki (Yellow)

Yomogi (Turquoise)

Many of the poems refer to plants and flowers, and it is these that provide inspiration for the beautiful collection of inks in the Manyo range. Throughout Japan there are numerous Manyo Botanical Gardens that seek to contain the plant varieties that feature in the Manyusho.

When you write with a Sailor Manyo ink you are making a link with the flowers and plants of Japan and with the ancient poets that used them as inspiration for their own writing.

It comes boxed in a 50ml glass bottle.




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