TWSBI ECO-T Fountain Pen Mint Blue (Special Edition)

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The TSWBI Eco-T fountain pen is a great-looking, high quality pen at a very affordable price. The Eco-T is a piston-filling 'demonstrator' fountain pen with a crystal clear acrylic barrel that really showcases your choice of ink which is safely sealed within. It has a beautiful mint blue cap and piston knob  with chromed trim and a silver stainless steel nib. 

The ECO-T differs from the ECO in that it has a triangular grip section for ease of holding the pen, and triangular shaped cap and piston knob instead of hexagon. 

There are also clear instructions for full disassembly although even we haven’t needed to do this yet and it would only be needed for longer term cleaning and care. Proceed with care. 

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