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The Sailor Shikiori range of inks are inspired by the four beautiful seasons of Japan. The changes in colour, weather and plants are reflected in the beautiful and vibrant colours of the Shikiori inks. Sailor inks are also known for their consistency and high quality.

They include:

Chushu (Blue/Black)

Fuji-Sugata (Lilac)

Miruai (Dark Green)

Okuyama (Dark Red)

Sakura-Mori (Cherry Blossom Pink)

Shigure (Purple)

Tokiwa-Matsu (Pine Green)

Yamadori (Dark Turquoise)

Due to the climate and position of Japan there are four distinct and beautiful seasons each of which has its own characteristics that are celebrated as part of Japanese culture through poetry, art and literature. To use Shikiori ink is to share in the changing seasons of Japan that inspired their creation.

It comes boxed in a 20ml glass bottle.




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