Van Dieman's Ink

Van Dieman Inks are a passionate and amazingly creative family business who design and create their own inks inspired by the beauty of Tasmania, Australia.  In their own words -

"We are a small family business in Launceston, Tasmania, that is passionate about the environment, and crafting quality inks that are inspired from nature, specifically here in Tasmania. Peter and Belinda Rix are the husband and wife duo that own and run Van Dieman's Ink. Both lovers of fountain pens and ink, we wanted to make this passion a full-time occupation. After retailing fountain pens in Australia together for some years, Belinda made the decision to develop our own fountain pen ink, taking inspiration from much of the beauty found here in Tasmania to design each ink, and to create the artwork for our boxes and labels.

We design and mix our own bottles of fountain pen and shimmering inks here in Launceston Tasmania. These high-quality fountain pen inks have been tested for viscosity and flow quality and are suitable for all major brands of fountain pens, and are also suitable for dip pens and brushwork."