Sakura Season

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It's the beginning of the Sakura Season in Japan, when pink cherry blossom sweeps through the country from South to North. We thought we'd join in and go full-on pink this week with a sweep of our own pink products in our Sakura Collection. Click HERE to shop the collection.

The word Sakura is Japanese for 'cherry blossom' referring to the blossom and to the trees themselves. The cherry blossom opens from March to April on mainland Japan starting in the South and then moving steadily further North. In fact, the earliest blossom can appear on the island of Okinawa in January and the latest on the northern island of Hokkaido in early May. The exact timing, however, is purely down to Mother Nature and each year can be different.

Cherry blossom has a place of great importance in the cultural and philosophical beliefs of Japan as it not only decorates Japan with stunning beauty, in in huge numbers but it also carries symbolism about the transitory nature of life, calling us to appreciate what is important while it lasts.

The tradition of hanami or 'cherry blossom viewing' involves having picnics beneath the trees and yozakura is following this tradition at night, when moonlight and lights allow visitors to continue to enjoy the cherry blossom after dark.

As you can imagine, Sakura features strongly in Japanese literature, poetry and art. Awareness of the traditions and beauty of Sakura is increasingly featuring in news articles and travel writing in other parts of the world, with tour operators and travel companies offering trips to see the cherry blossom spectacle in Japan.

If you want to learn more there are plenty of sites giving some great explanations of Sakura and many other aspects of life in Japan:

The Guardians of the cherry trees

A brief but interesting explanation of sakuramori - the guardians of the cherry trees from

Where and when to see Japan’s cherry blossom

An article from The Times (UK) about the best times and places to see the cherry blossom blooming yourself.

Cherry Blossom Forecast 2022

The Japanese meteorological Corporation's Cherry Blossom Flowering map for 2022.

 Sakura Collection

For our Sakura Collection  we have put together all the pink pens, inks and washi tapes we could find and that we have in stock. Click HERE to take a look.


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