Where did the name Izumi Pens come from?

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What makes a good name for a new company? There were many ideas that came and went..some good, some definitely not so good.

The name Izumi is Japanese and means fountain or spring. The word fountain is of course very important to us as we sell fountain pens - Izumi Pens...fountain pens. (See what we did there.....)
However, Izumi means so much more to us. Japanese pens and inks have been a huge source of inspiration to us since the start of our love of all things pen and ink - the quality, the precision and heritage, the range of colours, inspiration from the natural world. The name Izumi is a recognition of that and hopefully a respectful nod to the source of our original inspiration.
The meaning of Izumi as 'spring' also resonates for us as this new venture is the beginning of something new, starting small and hopefully building to something bigger; connecting with others and sharing the journey.
We also love the way thoughts bubble-up and flow from pen to page.
Now, we love Izumi....and we hope you will too. Glenn

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