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We are running a Winter Sale on all LAMY pens and inks with up to 20% for a limited period.

LAMY is well-know for its sleek, modern and precision-made products. Based in Heidelberg, Germany, LAMY continues to produce pens with the highest quality and some wonderful, innovative design features.

We have a range of pens in stock including the Safari, the anodised aluminium AL-Star and LX, and we still have a number of the special edition Studio Glacier. We also stock a very limited number of the iconic LAMY 2000 with a 14ct gold nib.

We also stock the beautiful LAMY Crystal ink range which complements their pen perfectly. Azurite with its deep blue ink and green sheen is one of our favourites, as is Amazonite with its rich Turquoise shades and hidden depths.

We think we have some great prices for our customers which will be hard to beat.


All our Kiwi Inks are included in our Winter Sale as a promotional offer and with 15% off all inks.

We recently received our second order of Kiwi Inks all the way from Monterey Park, California. These wonderful, small-batch, hand-crafted inks can only be purchased in the UK from Izumi Pens at the moment and we are very proud to stock them.

There are a range of standard inks, shimmer inks and stunning TreColori inks which are a combination of three colours the ink, the shimmer and the sheen. These include the new Treasures of Atlantis ink with its turquoise ink, purple/red sheen and gold shimmer.

We love these inks and one of the privileges of being able to bring these inks from around the world to our customers is the opportunity to play with them ourselves first!


We are super excited about the new 'Night' collection from Van Dieman's Inks. The stock order is making its way to us from Tasmania, Australia at the moment. However, as with a lot of shipping around the world, Covid restrictions are causing the journey to take longer than expected. As soon as we receive it we will let our customers know.

Comment or message us below if there's anything you'd like to know about our products or if there is something you'd really like us to stock. 

Stay safe.





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